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I had bad valve guides from the overheat and worn rings. Lots of smoke even with 10W-40 until warm, and always on acceleration. I flushed the engine twice – once with a flush and then again with diesel, and then added your product. The smoking stopped. Completely. I passed emissions with flying colors with a very low (80 ppm) HC reading. And that was probably from the residual oil or the diesel I used for an engine flush. The day before it was over 560. A whopping 45 miles of driving from flush, adding your product, and passing the emissions test! This stuff really works. The Connecticut emissions guy commented on how well my engine performed. I told him my secret was I had changed the oil religiously every 3000 miles for the last 16 years. Before I found your product I had to do a major rebuild on a 1939 Packard 120 straight 8 to even get past non-emissions inspection because of “excessive smoke.” That will never happen again! I will recommend your product to all my old car enthusiasts and gear heads. THANK YOU AGAIN! – Roy B.


Recently I tried your Smokeless Motor Oil in two different vehicles. The first, a Dodge Caravan 3.0 V6, which smoked like h _ _ _! The second, a Mazda MX-6, with a bad turbo that filled the whole city block with smoke! I was amazed that there was such an incredible product on the market at such a reasonable price! This sure got – J. Greene, Concord, N.C