ENTEK CORPORATION was founded by an automobile dealer whose nephew is a biological engineer for one of the major oil refiners in the United States.

In 1996, at a family get together, the dealer was explaining the problems associated with emission testing on good running and good looking older vehicle’s that had extensive engine wear and emitted excessive levels of hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide counts, thus requiring, in many cases, extensive and expensive repairs in order to be able to reduce emissions, pass emissions test, and be licensed to remain on the road.

Based on a conversation regarding the numerous oil additives that “supposedly” stopped engines from smoking, the dealer explained that although the additives that were available on the market frequently did reduce smoking, they did not stop it and generally had little, if any, effect on the hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emission counts. As with many engineers, the gauntlet had been thrown before his nephew who was absolutely sure that he and his engineering friends could solve this timeless problem.

This diverse group of engineers, after many attempts, discovered that this issue was not nearly as easy to solve in reality. As they were sitting around the dinner table; however, they solved the problem to stop engines from smoking – not with a simple crankcase additive, but with a completely new, synthetic lubricant (which is ENTEK Smokeless Motor Oil). ENTEK Corporation was founded based on the preservation of the Environment, the Energy, and the Technology that would be involved to solve not only the particular problem of smoking oil, but other similar problems that would surface, and offer similar challenges in the future.

Since that time, ENTEK Corporation has diversified into several other high pressure lubrication fields, and has continued in the direction as supplier of various unique products for the automotive industry such as ENTEK Smokeless Motor Oil and Mr. BLOCKHEAD. Each product is thoroughly field tested and carries the exclusive ENTEK Corporation Three-Way Money Back Guarantee.

When you do business with ENTEK Corporation, you are dealing with a group of professional and knowledgeable people who genuinely care about your needs and concerns. We are professionals who stand ready to serve you promptly and with the utmost courtesy in every way possible. We look forward to your current business, and welcome your suggestions and input on each phase of our business. We have been very successful and our products are used by more knowledgeable automotive professionals, such as automotive mechanics, automotive dealers, and car collectors than any other similar products in North America; however, with your input and suggestions, we can continually strive to reach higher goals.

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