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Why should I buy your product?

ENTEK Smokeless Motor Oil is the number one selling product in the world that guarantees to STOP oil smoke tailpipe emissions in all internal combustion engines regardless of engine brand, the age of the engine or the reason for the oil smoke emissions. There are no exceptions!


How does your product work?

Quite simply, ENTEK Smokeless Motor Oil will STOP, not cut down or greatly reduce, but ABSOLUTRLY STOP all traces of engine oil smoke emissions at the tail pipe with a simple oil and filter change. Additionally, ENTEK Smokeless has special properties that aid in the prevention of oil leaks and assist in retarding burn-off.


Do you just add the product to your oil?

No, you don’t; ENTEK Smokeless Motor Oil is not an additive and it use with any additive will void the unconditional three-way money back guarantee.  ENTEK Smokeless Oil is a completely synthetic lubricant and is to be used just as you would any petroleum based motor oil in that you simply change your oil, installing a new oil filter and, that’s it! You are ready to proudly drive your previous, embarrassing, oil smoke emitting vehicle any where, knowing that you will be able to pass even the most ridged emission control tests in the world!


Does this mean that my vehicle will pass emission tests that it previously failed?

In a word; ABSOLUTELY!  It’s guaranteed under our exclusive three-way money back guarantee.


Why do I need smokeless oil?

You only ‘need’ ENTEK Smokeless Motor Oil if you have an otherwise serviceable automobile that emits a haze of blue oil smoke, however, many consumers comment on the fact that they experience a noticeable improvement in gas mileage with the use of ENTEK Smokeless Motor.


What is the difference between smokeless oil and regular oil? 

There are several differences, but the most obvious is the fact that ‘regular’ oils are petroleum based, while ENTEK Smokeless Motor is a man-made synthetic lubricant.


If the product doesn’t work can I return it?

Absolutely! A 100% three-way money back guarantee is offered on every drop of ENTEK Smokeless Motor.  This means the if your vehicle does not STOP emitting a blue haze of oil smoke with your very first change, using a new oil filter, ENTEK Corporation guarantees to give you a refund for 1) the full purchase price that you paid for the product 2) the full the freight charges that you paid to receive the product 3) ENTEK Corporation will issue a pick-up tag and UPS will pick up the product for return to our warehouse.  Your only obligation is to have it soundly repackaged in the original shipping case and waiting for pickup by UPS.  You risk nothing!


How often do you have ENTEK Smokeless Motor returned because it didn’t work?

Our return rate is .00167 percent or less than two cases per thousand, however, that is not because it did not work as we claim that it does, but it is because there was not a proper diagnosis made of the emission that was occurring.  This is the primary reason that we do not actively seek sales from non-automotive professionals.  The non-professional will immediate conclude that any tailpipe emission is oil smoke and they are frequently mistaken as to the source of the particular emission.  The emission is frequently the result of a blown head gasket, a cracked cylinder head or even a broken engine block.  In the rare case when this a misdiagnosis occurs, we still accept the responsibility under the terms of our three-way money back guarantee and do so without argument.

What do you do if there has been a misdiagnosis?

We do not argue with anyone who says that our product did not work exactly as we claim; we have faith in the integrity of the vast majority of people and accept the fact that they are truly convinced of their failure claim, however, the cost of the mistakes that can be and are made, primarily by non-professionals, are extremely expensive to ENTEK Corporation given our exclusive three-way money back guarantee. Because of the fact that it is so very costly to pay the S. and H. both ways, sacrifice the cost of the product that has been used and then repackage the returned product by hand, as opposed to packaging hundreds of cases at a time on our regular production line, we annotate the claim on the purchaser’s account and we are constrained, by costs, from ever accepting another order for ENTEK Smokeless Motor Oil from that person or entity.  When only 5 quarts of our product fail to completely STOP all tailpipe emissions, from a total of 16,000 other quarts that are produced and packaged at the same time and do work effectively as claimed, it is abundantly clear that the continued tailpipe emissions are the result of a misdiagnoses and not a failure of this remarkable product


When I change the oil the next time, will is still not smoke?

Your vehicle will not smoke as long as you continue to use ENTEK Smokeless Motor Oil in it, however, I you discontinue its use, use any additive or top-off your oil level with any oil other than ENTEK Smokeless Motor Oil, you can expect your vehicle to start smoking once again.


How often should I change my oil?

We have several inner city groups of users that change their oil every 2,500 to 3,000 miles, while some of our users who drive almost exclusive on the open highways regularly drive 8,000 to 10,000 miles, between changes.  Just as with any high quality lubricant, good judgment in relation to the severity of the task, should always prevail.


Where are you located?

We have five Midwestern locations across the States of Illinois and Indiana. All ENTEK Smokeless Motor and Mr. BLOCKHEAD permanent head gasket and block sealer are shipped from our warehouse in West-Central, Indiana, thus taking advantage of a central location for expedient delivery to our customers regardless of their location in the USA..


I am customer based in Indiana – How can i process Sales Tax Exemption

We charge Indiana sales tax on the product price, excluding shipping and handling charges, for products being sold into the state of Indiana which is our corporate home base. We do not charge sales tax on any product that is delivered outside the state of Indiana.Execute the “fill-in-form” and email or Fax us to send us at 708-688-1088 and your sales tax will be refunded as a credit to the credit card that was used for payment.
Form ST-105    # 49065     Indiana General Sales Tax Exemption Certificate


Is this the web site the only place you sell your product?

ENTEK Smokeless Motor Oil and Mr. BLOCKHEAD can be purchased over the ENTEK Corporation web site at www.SmokelessOil.com or through our live call center at 888-670-4300.


If you have additional questions regarding the effectiveness of ENTEK Smokeless Motor, please email your question to:

Engineering@SmokelessOil.com or you may call the engineering department at 888-851-5585.

Your suggestions and comments are always welcomed by each department at ENTEK Corporation.

It is because of our great customers that we exist; for this we sincerely thank you!