Smokeless Car Oil

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Smokeless Car Oil
The Gold Standard in preventing oil smoke in internal combustion engines.

Recently I tried your Smokeless Car Oil in two different vehicles. The first, a Dodge Caravan 3.0 V6, which smoked like h _ _ _! The second, a Mazda MX-6, with a bad turbo that filled the whole city block with smoke! I was amazed that there was such an incredible product on the market at such a reasonable price! This sure got my attention. I will use this product in all my vehicles. This product allows my vehicles to go a lot longer between oil changes, it saves me money…….

J. Greene, Concord, N.C.

Your SmokeLess Car Oil has worked wonders. It is the best oil I have ever used for smoking and oil burning cars. It works!

J. Grim, Baltimore’s Best Auto Sales, Baltimore, MD

I was really skeptical when we put it in the Toyota. I just couldn’t believe that it would work, but it did! I would recommend it to anyone with a similar smoking problem.

K. Anderson, Oak Lawn, IL

Thanks to scientifically designed SmokeLess Car Oil, you need no longer be embarrassed because of your worn, smoking engine might reflect upon you as a less than environmentally aware and successful member of society. In many cases a vehicle will run, drive and look good, but, for any number of reasons, will emit a haze of noxious blue oil smoke from the tailpipe. This smoke is generally an indication that extensive and expensive repairs may have to be made that in most cases makes little or no economic sense. SmokeLess Car Oil will give added value to your oil-smoking vehicle by extending its useful life without the customary gigantic repair bills.

Immediately after using SmokeLess Oil, your vehicle will no longer smoke and will continue to run cleanly, without smoking, as long as it is filled with high quality SmokeLess Car Oil.

SmokeLess Car Oil is a unique synthetic oil developed from superior high performance, low friction, racing oils noted for their low viscous drag and relative constant viscosity. SmokeLess Car Oil affords incredible protection year around– offering excellent lubrication in the summer, without thickening, gumming or slowing the engine in the winter. Additionally, a special sealing/anti-wear agent helps to minimize oil leaking.

SmokeLess Car Oil is a consumer-tested product. It has helped numerous used car owners and buyers by giving them an affordable alternative to more expensive transportation.

SmokeLess Oil is easy to use. Simply change your oil as usual by installing a quality filter and SmokeLess Car Oil. It’s that easy! Your vehicle will no longer emit oil smoke. It will continue to run cleanly as long as you use high quality SmokeLess Car Oil. As with any oil, you should change SmokeLess Oil every 5000 miles or 90 days.

SmokeLess Oil should not be used in conjunction with any additive and its use with any additive will void the absolute satisfaction guarantee offered with this exceptional product. Additionally, proper diagnosis of the source of your engine smoke is imperative, as SmokeLess Car Oil will have no effect on coolant or fuel related emission problems. In some cases, where oil consumption has been extreme, it may be necessary to drive the vehicle some distance to clear the previous oil out of the exhaust system. Our knowledge of the proprieties and our experience with this unusual product allows us to offer the following, unconditional, guarantee.

If your are not completely satisfied with the performance of your first five quarts of this amazing product, simply call our sales department and we will issue a UPS pick up (at our expense) and we will refund your full purchase price. You risk nothing!